Office Tour and Photos

Patient getting a cleaning.

Our office first opened its doors in January 2000. Since that time, we have treated many children and adults in our street level location.

Children are most welcome to accompany other family members to the office. In addition to visiting our very large population of guppies that inhabit the front reception aquarium, there are craft supplies and toys available.

Our scanning room replaces the traditional dark room. Due to the fact that all our radiographic images are digital, there is no need for messy developer, fixer and other film processing materials. For more information on digital radiography, click here.

Each of our three bright operatories has a computer monitor which is mounted on the dental chair. This allows our patients to be able to carefully view their own digital radiographs and dental charting. In addition to being a highly efficient and organized system, our 'paperless' office allows our patients to be better educated about their dental care and needs.

Additional Images


Now you can go on a virtual tour of our office using Google Maps. Click and drag below to have a look around.